Force Commander Barkhane denounces “insulting” accusations from Mali

General Bruno Baratz answers questions from our special correspondent, Mounia Daoudi.

“For us, French soldiers, who have always been transparent about the Malian authorities, we find it insulting for our 59 comrades who fell fighting for Mali, and also for the memory of the Malians who fought for our sides, but also personnel of the Minusma, African forces of the Minusma who fell while fighting against terrorism

It’s a little insulting on their part, because indeed, we did everything to fight until the end. Even at the time of the disengagement, there had been a clash between the personnel of the 13th DBLE and a group of the EIGS, causing two deaths in the ranks of the EIGS. It is amazing to accuse us today of supporting and supporting terrorism. »

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