Mali accuses France of handing over weapons and intelligence to terrorist groups

According to the information received, Bamako once again condemns the repeated violations of Mali’s airspace by France. The government of transitional president Asim Guetta had already reported similar incursions in January and April last year, while Paris denied the allegations. In his letter, Abdallah Diop emphasized that he had evidence and was ready to present it to the Security Council.

In the same letter, the financial diplomat went further. He also claims to have elements indicating that France collected information in Mali in order to supply it to some terrorist groups. Paris, according to the same Abdallah Diop, will also hand over weapons and ammunition to the latter. Here again, Bamako claims to be able to pass on credible elements to the members of the Security Council.

On August 7, simultaneous attacks attributed to the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS) left 42 dead and many wounded in the ranks of the Malian Armed Forces (Fama). The Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the Armed Forces (Dirpa) immediately mentioned in its press release a form of external collusion.

“The covert and uncoordinated operations recorded by Fama confirm that terrorists have benefited from significant support and external expertise,” Alderba said, undoubtedly referring to the alleged French air strikes. Mali’s Foreign Minister, Abdallah Diop, wrote on August 16 to the Security Council. The United Nations requests an emergency meeting on the situation in his country. In his letter, the head of diplomacy doubled down on the accusations against France and its soldiers – the last of them officially left Malian lands on August 15.

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