Head of the CICR delegation in Mali visits Kidal to discuss the humanitarian situation

The head of the ICRC delegation in Mali led a three-day visit to Kidal in order to better understand the humanitarian situation and to discuss with local authorities, community leaders, partners and ICRC teams in Kidal, in order to best meet the needs of conflict-affected people together.

The President of CICR also met with the Head of the Coordination of Azawad Movements, Mr. Alghabas Ag Intala, and discussed with him the challenges of the humanitarian situation in the city of Kidal in particular and the province of Azawad in general

He also met with the Secretary-General of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, Mr. Bilal Ag Cherif, the former head of the Coordination, and discussed with him the same current challenges of the Azawad region.

The CICR President paid a visit to a medical center in Kidal under the auspices of CICR and was impressed by the resilience of the workers and their continuity of work.

He also met with the mali governor of Kidal,

He finally met the ICRC team in Kidal and was impressed by their work and perseverance, and was impressed by their continued good work.

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