The Bamako government claims that the deterioration of the security situation in Mali is a direct result of the intervention of France and its allies in Libya.  

The transitional government announced in statement No. 037 issued today, August 19, 2022, that the transitional government had noticed since August 15, 2022, the actual departure of the French Barkhane force from Mali.

It should be noted that France unilaterally decided, on June 10, 2021, to withdraw the Barkhane force from Mali by adopting a timetable, without consulting the Malian authorities with which it was associated. by defense agreements. Given the seriousness of this measure, the financial authorities demanded that France, on February 18, 2022, withdraw the said force without delay.

The transitional government takes note of this final withdrawal of the Barkhane force and assures the people of Mali that thanks to the rise of the valiant Malian Armed Forces (Fama), more success will be achieved against terrorist groups and the security of the population will be significantly improved.

The transitional government asserts that the deteriorating security situation in Mali and the Sahel region is a direct result of the intervention of France and its allies in Libya. While the government pays tribute to Malians and foreigners who are victims of the insecurity imposed on Malians, it points out that the fight against terrorism is a collective responsibility of all nations.

The transitional government renewed its readiness to cooperate with all countries of the world in order to reduce the terrorist threat, provided that this relationship falls within the framework of the three principles guiding public work in Mali, which were defined by His Excellency the President of the transitional period, the Head of State. Colonel Asimi Gueta:

1- Respect for the sovereignty of Mali.

2 – Respect the strategic choices of Mali.

3- Defending the interests of the financial people in the decisions taken.

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