The army in Burkina Faso and Mali announce the neutralization of more than 200 jihadists within a week

It was announced in Mali and neighboring Burkina Faso that about 214 jihadists had been neutralized during intensive operations with the help of air intervention,

As for the Malian army, it announced the neutralization of about 100 jihadists from various jihadist groups (the Support of Islam and Muslims group affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in the Great Sahara affiliated with ISIS) in different regions of the country, including the Tissue region, where the last attack took place, which killed 42 soldiers from the Malian army The army statement referred to the use of aircraft acquired by Mali from Russia. The statement confirmed the implementation of air raids against ISIS elements in the locality of Tin Garan of the municipality of Tissi, and the bombing left dozens of dead. Two Malian soldiers

In the south, the statement confirmed the attack of the Malian army on a base of the Sarma Brigade affiliated with Al-Nusra in the Gudwari region, located 30 km northeast of Mondoro. The outcome reported the neutralization of 22 terrorists, including 10 fighters close to the terrorist Omar Anguiba, including a high-ranking wanted man named Abura Anguiba, nicknamed Hudhayfa. 37 wounded were evacuated to another base in Nyangasago locality.

In Burkina Faso,

On Friday, the Burkinabe army announced the neutralization of 114 “terrorists” in various counter-terror operations carried out from July 15 to August 15, which claimed the lives of four soldiers, fourteen volunteers from the homeland defense fighters and five civilians.

According to the monthly bulletin of the Burkinabe army published on Friday, at least 50 “terrorists” were neutralized on 25 July in response to an attempted attack on a military detachment in Kelbo (Sahel), specifying that four-wheel drive vehicles and thirty motorcycles were found with large quantities of weapons.

The document also indicates that following the ambush that targeted the current 4 August, a unit of a military detachment in Borzinga (Northern Center) responded and was able to neutralize at least 34 “terrorists” and restore their logistics.

Military units were deployed in the area to carry out security operations. This allowed for a rapid return of residents in and around the town.

In general, the military noted that during the period from July 15 to August 15, 2022, compared to last month, a decrease in the number of terrorist incidents as well as a decrease in the number of civilian casualties.

The army confirmed that it has observed a gradual return of the population in certain areas such as Nagari, Tio and Setenga (the coast), but has also noted the departure of residents for security reasons in areas such as Buraso or Namisegima (Northwest)

Military malian statement

The Armed Forces General Staff announced in its weekly statement issued today, Saturday, August 20, 2022, that the armed forces continue to search for terrorists and destroy their sanctuaries as part of the Maliko plan and Operation Klitji.

Intelligence accuracy focused on opportunistic operations, air-ground actions and air strikes against terrorist groups in the event of asymmetry and exploitation of the cover of the winter period.

In the eastern theater of operations Maliko, the armed forces reinforced their positions after the uncoordinated Barkhane abandonment of the Gao Airport platform on August 15, 2022; By enhancing the grip of the Tesset with driving visits.

After multiple threats in Menaka and Purim regions, the air strikes targeted the terrorists behind the Tessit attack in Tin Garan sector about 40 km southeast of Tesset with significant material damage.

The strikes also targeted terrorist groups that regrouped and prepared for attacks in the Burim sector.

On August 20, 2022 around 1:00 pm, the Malian Armed Forces checkpoint, at the Kidal exit from Menaka, repelled a terrorist attack by the Nusrat al-Islam and Muslims group with a number of dead and 02 wounded on the side of the army and an attacker was neutralized and left on the spot and many dead bodies.

The Malian armed forces have recovered 01 PKM and 05 PM machine guns and search operations are underway with air support.

At the Maliko Central Theatre

On August 10, 2022, the Malian armed forces carried out an offensive reconnaissance operation against terrorist positions in the Boni region. The report showed the dismantling of 08 terrorists and the seizure of weapons and ammunition.

On August 13, 2022, the Malian armed forces, during a special operation against terrorist elements in the Balaghina sector, Sovara district, 05 terrorists were neutralized, 04 were wounded, 02 of them were in serious condition, and 01 PKMs and 01 PM were recovered –

On August 14, 2022, after the air strikes of the Malian Armed Forces that took place on August 13, 2022 around 00:38 am against the two bases of the Sarma Brigade in the Gudauri Forest, located 30 km northeast of Mondoro, the outcome was reported to have neutralized 22 terrorists including 10 fighters Close associates of the terrorist Omar Anguiba, including a high-ranking wanted man named Abura Anguiba, nicknamed Hudhayfa, 37 wounded were evacuated to another base in the locality of Nyangasago, 19 km southeast of Mondoro, and 2 vehicles, thirty motorcycles, 08 bags were recovered. of fertilizer and 03 large drums of gasoline plus many firearms and ammunition.

On August 18, 2022 around 4:00 pm, the Malian Armed Forces carried out an offensive reconnaissance in the Dombol locality located 32 km southeast of Safari against the Macina Battalion group. The report shows that 03 fighters, 02 Ak-47s, and 01 Chinese rifles and ammunition have been neutralized.

On August 18, 2022 around 6 pm, the Malian armed forces carried out an offensive reconnaissance mission against a number of terrorist fighters from the Sarma Battalion, 25 km west of Boni, in the Douentza region. The outcome is the following:

Army side: 03 wounded, enemy side 07 killed immediately abandoned, 3 PKM recovered, 03 AK47, 1 LRAC, 2 walkie-talkies, 17 loaded links, several Ak 47 chargers, a large amount of ammunition, 18 seized A motorcycle, including 03, was burned, and the terrorists took several bodies with them.

On August 19, 2022 at 3:00 pm, a series of air raids targeted the bases of the Sarma Battalion around the village of Sarma located 24 km southwest of Boni in the Douentza region. The balance sheet is currently being evaluated.

The series of operations provided opportunities against 07 terrorist logistic plots in the Sirma Forest, neutralizing 30 terrorists and 15 explosive devices, and recovering many weapons and ammunition. The airstrikes also targeted terrorist logistical plots in the Bundon Forest in the Nyono Department.

In another series of acts of opportunity against the terrorists disrupting the agricultural campaign in the Nyono and Diabale sector it made it possible to calm down several localities allowing the residents to carry on their agricultural activities. Fifteen terrorists were neutralized, and several weapons, ammunition, communication materials and the manufacture of explosive devices were found.

The first airstrikes of the recently acquired Su-25s targeted the Masina and Sirma battalion positions in Nyono and Boni localities. The accuracy of the intelligence enabled the arrest of many terrorist leaders, the last of whom was on August 18, 2022 around 11:30 am in Kona, and the arrest of Hamdoun Tour, the prankster “Bosu”.

The airstrikes in the southern region targeted the terrorists responsible for the ambush that targeted the Sona police relief in Tango and Karagana sector of Koutiala district.

Ground and air offensive reconnaissance has been conducted in Faya, Fana and Guila regions, the General Staff of the Armed Forces calls for the vigilance of the population whose protection and security remains a top priority, in accordance with respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces assures that the Malian armed forces are adapting to the new modus operandi of terrorists and continue to destroy sanctuaries.

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