Mali: JNIM announces the implementation of three attacks against the Malian army and Wagner.

The Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims announced that it had carried out three attacks against the Malian army and Wagner in the region of Boni and Toula. Mali and Wagner, and on August 21, a clash took place between Al-Nusra and the Malian army and Wagner in Tula, which ended with the defeat of Mali and Wagner, according to the statement.

By the grace of God and his strength, a company of the Mujahideen of the “Group to Support Islam and Muslims” was able on Monday, 18th Muharram, to detonate the landmine on the tanks of Wagner forces and the Mali army near Boni on Wednesday 19th of Muharram. Allah. On Sunday, Muharram 23, there was a clash between the Mujahideen and Wagner forces near Tula, so the Wagner forces fled and left behind 2 dead Mujahideen booty, praise be to God.

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