The intervention of MNLA youth during the extraordinary conference of the movement on August 27, 28 and 29, 2022.

The development of this document is a work accompanied by difficulties related to the social and political context in Azawad in particular and in the coast in general. The massacres of the Azawad population, the forced displacement and the unprecedented humanitarian crisis experienced by two thirds of the Azawad lands oblige us today to coordinate our actions better for the sake of our sacred life, from this perspective For ideas, we, the Youth Union of Azawad, seized the opportunity presented to us through the extraordinary mini-conference of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad to bring our contribution and choice of the political-military orientation.

The case of the MNLA: The MNLA is a politico-military movement consisting of several administrative bodies with a vision of self-determination for the people of Azawad. We will discuss grievances related to the mismanagement of the movement’s affairs by the movement’s executive office.

Grievances against the political wing: the problems we face are largely related to non-compliance with the decisions made by leaders, laxity. Depression against the military wing: The joint management body of the military elite is not coordinated throughout the Azawad region, every military base in every region runs its affairs in a clan or tribal manner. This way of conducting military affairs is the basis of our problems in all our countries.

movement youth:

The MNLA youth are scattered among other movements emerging in Azawad, and divided among the different clan leaders who run the political and military affairs of the movement, it is an integral part of the tribal, clan, and sectoral vision of the entire region. Young people are the weakest link in the movement in economic and political terms

The movement does not attach enough importance to young people, it is always preferred to see them in vehicles equipped to set off and fight on the land of no return. Revolutionary values ​​have been disrupted by each other’s behavior since the signing of the peace and reconciliation agreement resulting from the Algiers process. It is more urgent than ever to review the difficulties we are facing in the near future. The youth organization must be restructured

The most complete way possible and with the support of the MNLA executive branch. Merger: A merge by definition is the dissolution of a group of entities to create a single entity. The fusion of the political-military movements of Azawad is both a desire and a necessity of the moment. This question must be approached with great caution in terms of the obligations that we will make to each other

 V. Recommendations:

Merging all movements into one entity to achieve self-determination

To the people of Azawad, – Announcing the absolute and simple withdrawal from the Algiers Agreement

  • the obligation to fight all enemies of the stability of the inhabitants of Azawad,

Preserving the achievements of the revolution (April 06, Al-Alam and others), involving the leaders of the movement in the reorganization of the youth, and involving the youth in the commission in charge of integration;

Helping young people to organize themselves better, and to have their own national office

Sixth- Briefly: Notwithstanding the above, we call on everyone for more transparency in the procedures of bringing together political and military movements for the sake of better management of the concerns of societies.

For its part, the National Youth Office of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad will spare no effort in supporting the benign decisions that will be taken by the executive branch. In all responsibilities, we direct the Executive Director of the movement to commit to the project of integrating with other political-military movements in Azawad and in the best interests of our societies!

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