Mali: The JNIM announces the neutralization of nine Malian soldiers and four Wagner mercenaries during the month of August.

The JNIM revealed its attacks against the Malian army and Wagner mercenaries in Mali during the month of August. According to the document published by Zallaka, about 9 Malian soldiers and four were killed. From Wagner, ten attacks were also carried out by the group against the Malian army and Wagner, which are as follows:

An attack on the army’s gendarmerie gate in the village of Fika, the killing of four Wagner forces in an ambush set by the Mujahideen, the detonation of a car for the Malian army with an explosive device on the road linking the villages of Banna and Tomi, the landmine was detonated on a tank belonging to Wagner forces and the Malian army near Boni, an attack on The police gate in the village of Yefasou, and the group also launched against the Malian army

And Wagner near Boni, an ambush by the Malian army between Kotala and Kouri in the southern Sikasso region, a clash occurred between Al-Nusra and Wagner mercenaries near Tula

Detonation of a tank of the Malian army and Wagner mercenaries between Dalla and Boni, the detonation of a landmine on the same column belonging to the Wagner mercenaries between Bonny and Nuker

Operations results and spoils

Phones and other devices: a large number

The dead: 9 from the Malian army and 4 from Wagner

captives: one

Wounded: a large number not counted

Kalashnikov Weapons: 6 Restored Weapons

Ammo: many

Motorcycles: 6

Pistols: 6

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