al-Nabaa : 42 Malian soldiers and 15 Wagner were killed in Tessit and Lalahoy by ISGS

A special source revealed to (Al-Naba) a special about the latest attacks and major field developments that the Sahel Province has witnessed in recent weeks, where more than 42 members of the Malian army were killed in a major attack on their base in the town of (Tessit , which was temporarily taken over by the ISGS , in addition to announcing the The killing of 15 members of the Russian (Wagner) militia in an attack on a joint convoy of the Malian army and militias, and the attacks came as follows:

In the details, on Sunday, August 7, ISGS soldiers launched a large-scale attack on the main military base of the Malian army, in the center of the town of (TESSET) in the Gao region, using various types of light, medium and heavy weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, coinciding with attacking the small sub-barracks on the outskirts of the town. The ten barracks, which resulted in the killing of more than 42 members, the capture and slaughter of two members, and the injury of more than 20 others. The attack also resulted in the burning of seven vehicles and the seizing of ten other vehicles.

 The Malian army admits 42 dead and claims to have repelled the attack!!

Contrary to the allegations of the Malian army, the source confirmed to (Al-Naba) that “only one mujahid was killed in this attack from the Mujahideen, as a result of the wounds he sustained during the clashes,” in the context of his response to the false statements of the Malian army in which he claimed that he was able to “repel the attack.” And announcing the killing of “large numbers” of the Mujahideen in the wake of the attack. It is noteworthy that the great loss suffered by the Malian army, which was described as “the heaviest and largest” in four years: prompted the army and its government to officially acknowledge “the killing of 42 soldiers, the loss of 9 soldiers, and the wounding of 22 others,” in addition to the killing of “notables and locally elected officials.” According to their expression, during

Sweeping operations inside the town. The Malian army declared “three days of mourning” in Mali to mourn his dead in the attack, which he claimed was able to “repel it strongly”!

 15 Wagner militia members killed

In another military development, on Monday (2/2) corresponding to August 29, ISIS soldiers attacked a joint convoy of the Malian army and the Russian (Wagner) militia, after they entered the town of Aslta, known as “Lahwi” in the Ansongo region, and opened fire indiscriminately on the general Muslims. In the border area with Niger, ISIS soldiers attacked them and clashed with them with various weapons, which resulted in the killing of about 15 Wagner militia members and the injury of others, and the burning of five of their vehicles, in addition to killing and wounding a number of others from the Malian army.

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