Mali: The JNIM confirms its responsibility for an attack against a military convoy escorting the governor of Kayes.

The Support of Islam and Muslims group announced its responsibility for an ambush targeting a military convoy of the Malian army escorting the governor of Kayi state between Sibabogo and Gomara. An improvised explosive device between Fonda and Yug on September 15th.

Praise be to God alone, and prayers and peace be upon those who do not follow him, his family, his companions and those who are loyal to him, and after the Mujahideen continue their fight against the Malian army and the Russian mercenaries in defense of the weak Muslims with the help of God Almighty) On Wednesday, 18 Safar 1444 AH corresponding to 9 14 2022 AD, the Mujahideen set up an ambush for the Malian army between Sebabogo and Jamala. Accompanying the governor of the state of Kayes Gouver neur de la Region de kayes The ruler succeeded by God’s grace and the enemy admitted one dead and wounded and the rest fled as one of the brothers with a slight wound, praise and gratitude be to God) On Thursday, 19 Safar 1444 AH corresponding to 9 15 2022 AD, a car blew up a Malian army car between Ponda and Gnougou with an explosive device The operation resulted in the destruction of the car and those in it, thanks to God alone. Finally, we say to the financial government that if you want to live and be honest, you must stop killing innocent people and blocking the way to implement the Sharia, otherwise the men wait and wait.

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