Mali-Azawad: serious threats to the populations of Azawad


Mali-Azawad: serious threats to the populations of Azawad

The latest developments in the security situation in the so-called “three borders” zone and in Gourma constitute a new level in the dislocation of the balances necessary for the stability of the sub-region. The Tuareg community continues to bear the brunt of a crisis of which it seems increasingly clear that its instigators aim to disorganize these regions by modifying their human configuration.

Several hundred civilians, in particular Tuaregs, have been killed in recent months in targeted attacks without the authorities in Bamako being unduly moved. No sign of compassion and solidarity has been expressed by the Malian power, thus demonstrating its indifference to the fate of certain populations and furthermore confirming its differentiation between its citizens. Indeed, other victims of similar situations have regularly had the right to days of mourning and a demonstration of solidarity from those in power.

The Movements that signed the Algiers Accords would benefit from improving their communication on the

violations of human rights committed against the populations they claim to defend by

somewhere else. The stereotyped press releases that they sometimes publish could be carried more by

a convincing political determination that is up to the challenges of the moment.

The international community has also been silent, to say the least, on the

massacres of populations in these regions and seems to have a selective attention.

The Organization of the Tuareg Diaspora in Europe (ODTE)/Tanat makes an urgent appeal to the international community to take the appropriate measures to secure the civilian populations of this region, the Malian State having largely demonstrated its inability and lack of will to protect them. The departure of Operation Barkhane has created a void that the Malian army is clearly unable to fill in the face of the current threat. It is therefore up to the international community to assume its responsibilities vis-à-vis these


The ODTE also launches a solemn appeal to the Nigerien authorities so that the country does not serve as a rear base for groups who sow terror in the area. A device adapted to this reality is also essential in this country to protect the populations and improve their relations with the Security and Defense Forces (FDS).

Finally, the ODTE calls on human rights organizations and humanitarian organizations to redouble their efforts to deal with the suffering of the tens of thousands of displaced persons following the various massacres in this area:

Organization of the Tuareg Diaspora in Europe (ODTE)/TANAT The Office

Paris September 20, 2022

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