Mohamed Bazoum: in Mali, the capture of Ménaka by the jihadists is “probable”

In a joint interview with RFI and France 24 granted in New York on the occasion of the UN General Assembly, the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, affirms that, in the North-East of Mali, “the situation in the Ménaka region has completely deteriorated since Barkhane’s departure”.

The Nigerien Head of State specifies: “The Malian armed forces are in Ménaka, they would be there with their Russian auxiliaries, but that has not prevented this deterioration and never has the tension between Fulani and Tuareg communities been so intense. than today. There are risks of large-scale massacres between these communities.” Could the cities of Ménaka and Gao fall into the hands of the jihadists? “Ménaka, it is very likely,” replies the President of Niger. “I am convinced that the ISGS jihadists intend to attack Ménaka. They are militarily capable of it. I don’t think they are capable of attacking Gao, but they have made great advances around Gao

In this interview with Christophe Boisbouvier and Marc Perelman, President Bazoum also talks about the current crisis between Mali and Côte d’Ivoire. About the arrest of 49 Ivorian soldiers in Mali on July 10, he has this word: Alassane Ouattara was “betrayed” by his Malian neighbor.

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