Niger recalls its ambassador to Mali and cuts diplomatic relations with it.

Reply from: Honorable Mr. Mahmoud Saghdoun

A deputy in the Nigerien Parliament and Vice-Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the National Assembly in Niger to the interim Malian Prime Minister Abdullah Megah, who insulted the Nigerien president before the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, the response came as follows:

Even if it is not recommended to respond to the thug, it is still important to respond to this warrior, ignorant and ungrateful little colonel to bring him back to the place he deserves.

The President of the Republic of Niger, His Excellency Bazoum Mohamed, assumes the presidency of a country that has paid, since 2012, the heavy price of the crisis afflicting Mali and the entire Sahel region. Let’s commemorate this broken soldier

The state of Niger, President Bazoum, has received thousands of Malian refugees on its soil for several years who fled from the extortion of jihadists who faced the inability of the Malian army to protect them. The rise of terrorists in northern Mali and in the center

Let us also remind our ungrateful young colonel that His Excellency Bazoum Mohamed, then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Niger, and his predecessor, His Excellency Issoufou Mahamadou, were almost the only ones who rose when the separatists threatened to divide Mali.

Niger shares more than 800 km of border with Mali and it is unfortunately clear that Mali does not even control part of it,

For all these and other reasons, President Bazoum has the right to worry that the cowardly soldiers, the neo-communists, but without the slightest idea of ​​the management of supreme state affairs, are replacing their military uniforms with air-conditioned offices in Bamako.

The Malian Military Council in the service of Moscow has gone too far this time, so we demand the recall of our ambassador in Mali as well as the severing of diplomatic relations so that these soldiers get back on the right track and formally apologize to the President of the Republic and to the people of Niger.

Honorable Representative Mahmoud Saadoun

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