Azawad: The CMA launches a security operation called “TARTIT” to protect the population and their property

Article 1: A security operation called “TARTIT”, ie (FUSION), has been set up. This operation was initiated by the President of the CMA to respond to the cries of the hearts of the populations in distress and the security needs of the moment. The goal is to restore peace, security and tranquility in the city of Kidal immediately and then in the other bases of the CMA. The expected result is:

  • Establish order, discipline in the ranks to take care of the image of the CMA, Ensure the security of displaced populations and the free movement of people as well as their belongings,

  • Arrest wanted people

Article 2: The operation is responsible for securing the roads, the Military Police to control armed vehicles, regulate road traffic. It must enforce the master plan of our cities by prohibiting anarchic occupations of public places and illegal constructions. It is under the authority of the President of the Defense and Security Council. Article 3: The circulation of CMA weapons is subject to the possession of a mission order duly signed by a competent authority, valid and in space geographical area for which it was issued

Article 4: The Head of Operation will organize road safety missions to ensure the safety of people and their property as well as police patrols to check administrative documents,

Carry out systematic searches of vehicles, motorcycles and searches, Seize armed vehicles and weapons without supporting documents and bring them back to the CMA headquarters for all intents and purposes.

Lead the military in irregular situations and keep them in the disciplinary premises to elucidate their cases individually.

⚫ Establish a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. * Enforce road traffic rules,

Observing and repressing offenders of the rules governing freedoms, hygiene,

sanitation, the master plan for cities, Seize and destroy drugs (liquid or solid) and alcoholic beverages.

Article 5: The Civil and Military authorities intervening on the ground of Azawad (MINUSMA) are asked to facilitate, to bring support and assistance in case of need to this operation. This decision, which will be published wherever necessary, takes effect from the date of its signature.

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