Mali: Killing of two Malian gendarmes in Segou Seizing a number of military equipment during two attacks by JNIM (azzalaqa)

The Nusrat al-Islam and Muslims group announced in an official statement the implementation of two attacks against the army, the Malian gendarmerie and Wagner mercenaries. Kalashnikovs and other belongings in the Katina area of ​​Ségou, and the destruction of six motorcycles of the Malian army and Wagner in Andela

By the grace of God alone, a company affiliated with the Supporting Group for Islam and Muslims was able to attack the gate of the Malian army in the village of Katina, belonging to the state of Sego, on Friday 25 Rabi’ al-Awwal 21 10 2022, which resulted in the killing of two gendarmes, burning a car and seizing (2) Kalashnikovs and other belongings. The Mujahideen have returned to their places, thanks to God, safe and sound

On Sunday, 27 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1444 AH corresponding to 10 23 2022 AD, the Mujahideen blew up motorcycles for the Malian army and Wagner between Ndobougou and NDilla, which resulted in the injury of six enemy bikes, all praise and gratitude be to Allah

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