Ménaka: The GSIM takes control of the Tamalate area after clashes with ISGS.

After a bloody battle between The Support of Islam and Muslims group and ISGS in the Tamalat area in the state of Menaka, early this morning, Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Support of Islam and Muslims group took control of the area after expelling ISGS elements, according to what was confirmed by reliable local sources

The Tamalat area, adjacent to the border with Niger, has been under the control of ISGS fighters since March 8, after the killing of about 145 civilians and the burning of public property in that area, a violent ISGS attack.

A series of massacres committed by ISGS militants in areas of Menaka state and another in Gao state, bordering the Niger border, left about 925 civilians dead between March and September 2022.

Massacres took place in Menaka on a large scale, according to the latest statistics: It all started on March 1, 2022, when the Islamic State assassinated an officer belonging to the Rescue of Azawad Movement in the town of Tamlet. Days later, the Rescue of Azawad movement responded by clashing with ISIS, which resulted in the death of Four (4) of its fighters and three of its ISIS fighters

ISGS violations against civilians began in Tamlet locality on March 8, 2022, when 145 civilians were killed and the rest were forcibly displaced from the area. 45 civilians, and on the same day, March 26, they killed 30 civilians in Anchwdje, Gao state. August, ISGS attacked and seized the village of Tessit in the state of Gao and killed about 43 civilians.

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