The Azawad issue from the territor of Azawad to the corridors and scenes of the United Nations

The Azawad Revolution began on May 30, 1958, with a small number of free revolutionary leaders who had no weapons except

Few of them, if they even existed, on the other hand, Mali had the latest combat weapons in that

Time in addition to the support and support of some neighboring countries in their war to kill, displace and displace thousands of Tuareg

And other residents of the region abroad, with this miserable situation, a revolution was necessary to defend the land and man

The spark of the Azawad liberation revolution erupted in 1962, which the state of Mali faced with all kinds of repression, even its effects are present

Until now, on earth and people, the conditions of the Azawads worsened between 1973 and the eighties until 1990, the return of the revolution and the confrontation Between the Azawads and Mali, it was reached during which autonomy was granted to the residents of the Azawad region, mediated by Algeria, but Mali did not meet

It did not implement not a single letter of its agreement, and it continues the policy of displacing more Tuareg and Arabs and buying the debts of influential figures.

On the scene, the revolution returns again in 2006 to 2010 and then 2012, but at this stage the Azawad cause has achieved great success

Where was the events of 2012
A major role in publicizing the Azawad issue globally, hence the recognition of the Azawadiya issue by the United Nations after the issue was deliberating between

Only the neighboring financial countries and the issue continues to make its way Friday 06 April 2012 Declaration of the independence of Azawad 2015 May 21 Agreement again

Similar to its predecessors, nothing has been achieved from it as of this writing

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